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2.Séria - Hudba

Episode 2.01 - The Prophet

"The Prayer" - Bloc Pary
"Love Doesn't Last Too Long" - The Weepies
"Follow Me" - Thirteen Senses

Episode 2.02 - The Homecoming

"Must've Been The Devil" - Old Reliable
"Ordinary Day" - Griffin House
"Something"- Cary Brothers
"Ruby" - Kaiser Chiefs
"So Far We Are"- French Kicks

Episode 2.03 - The List is Life

"Rescued" - Jack's Mannequin
"No Mean Time" - French Kicks
"Breakable" - Ingrid Michaelson
"Lovers Who Uncover" - The Little Ones
"Say Anything" - Mariana Trench
"Alibis" - Mariana Trench
"Skin and Bones" - Mariana Trench
"Set The Story Straight" - Tom McRae

Episode 2.04 - Balancing Act

"Living A Lie" - Aqueduct
"Who You Are" - Cary Brothers
"Nevermind The Phonecalls" - Earlimart
"Thread" - Kid Lightning
"Collarbone" - Fujiya and Miyagi
"Living In Twilight" - The Weepies
"Live To be Free" - Griffin House
"Canon In D" - Johann Pachabel
"Take It From Me" - The Weepies

Episode 2.05 - Come to Your Senses

"My Heart" - The Perishers
"Still Alright" - Adam Merrin
"Closer" - Travis

Episode 2.06 - Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish

"Tickets To Cricket" - Ferraby Lionheart
"Middle Of The Night" - Sherwood
"Alley Cat" - Sherwood
"Dayvan Cowboy" - Boards of Canada
"You Made Me Like It" - 1990s
"Nobody Knows Me At All" - The Weepies
"All These Days" - Turn
"Will You Remember Me (Lori's Song)" - April Matson

Episode 2.07 - Free To Be You And Me

"Respectfully Proceeding" - The Tacticians
"Two Directions" - AMPOP
"Take A Walk Outside" - The Coast
"Baby Boomer" - Coburn
"The Best In Me" - Sherwood
"For The Longest Time" - Sherwood
"Something Going On" - Ide
"Baby Boomer" - Coburn
"Come Out Of The Shade" - The Perishers
"Real Time" - Stars of Track and Field

Episode 2.08 - What's The Frequency, Kyle

"Wrap It Up" - Whitey
"Ships" - New Ruins"
"Ride" - Cary Brothers
"Dragonfly" - M. Craft
"Fly Straight" - Aidan Hawken

Episode 2.09 - Ghost in the Machine

"Risque Pictures" - 1990s
"Fire Island, AK" - The Long Winters
"How To Destroy A Relationship" - The Servant
"Nocturne No. 8 in D flat Major" - Chopin (PD), Arranged by Jim Long
"Gonna Love You" - The Group
"The Funeral" - Band of Horses
"Ordinary" - Grand Avenue
"Nocturne No. 8 in D flat Major" - Chopin (PD), Arranged by Jim Long

Episode 2.10 - House of Cards

"We Will Remain" - AM
"What You Hide" - AM
"Maybe Tonight" - William Tell
"Middle Of The Night" - Sherwood
"Intro" - Steve Reynolds
"Swans" - Unkle Bob
"The Salt Wound Routine" - Thirteen Senses

Episode 2.11 - Hands on a Hybrid

"Countdown" - Jupiter One
"Love In My Pocket" - VHS or Beta
"The Only Song" - Sherwood
"Ask For Help" - Ari Shine
"Some Day" - Saturn Missiles
"Talk About Us" - Tuppert
"It's About Nothing" - Turn
"Fa Fa Fa" - Datarock
"Do Anything, Go Anywhere" - Rich Cronin
"I Used To Dance With My Daddy" - Datarock
"The Hill" - Bombay Bicycle Club
"Along The Wall" - Leigh Nash



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